Advertised Bed Size vs. Reality!

As a large or giant dog owner, one of your challenges is finding a bed large enough for your super-sized best friend.

Buying a bed advertised as ‘Extra Large’, only to find out that it’s too small for what you consider to be your ‘large’ large dog is the source of many complaints, returns, and dissatisfied customers.Wrong size dog bed

A big reason for this is that different bed brands have different definitions for ‘Medium’, ‘Large’, ‘Extra Large’ and ‘XX Large’.

To illustrate, we picked three different well known dog bed brands and compared their definition of sizes. Here’s what we found.

For ‘Medium’, one site defined it as 36″ x 24″; another site defined it as 30″ x 20″, and a third side used 25″ x 40″.

For ‘Large’, one site used 43″ x 29″, another used 36″ x 23″, and yet a third used 30″ x 40″.

To make it more confusing, we found one brand that advertises ‘Extra Large’ as being 42″ x 28″, which is smaller than the ‘Large’ in the first example above! We actually found several instances of ‘XX large’ being smaller in one brand than the dimensions of a ‘Large’ in another brand.

Clearly, you can’t take the word of the manufacturer that their ‘Extra Large’ bed will be the right size for what you consider to be your extra large dog.

The best – and really only – way to avoid buying a bed you thought was the right size based on the description, only to find out when you receive it that’s it much too small, is to actually measure your dog.

Once you know you dog’s exact measurements (see our How to Measure page for instructions), you can compare those to the advertised dimensions before purchasing a bed. Use the next larger size if your dog’s measurements are close to the dimensions of the bed size your considering.

This will avoid buying a bed that forces your dog’s head or legs to hang uncomfortably over the edge.