Bed Covers That Don’t Fit Properly

Many otherwise high quality dog beds are ruined because of low quality covers, so it’s not surprising that this is another common area for complaints.

Since the cover is what protects the bedding material, you would think that a quality bed means a quality bed cover. Unfortunately, this is frequently not the case.Poor fitting dog bed cover

Online store reviews are filled with complaints about dog bed covers, ranging from poor fitting covers, to covers that fall apart after washing, to covers that fall apart even when not washed!

By a large margin, the most common complaint about covers is that they fit poorly, making it difficult to get the cover back on again once it’s removed for washing.

There are two main reasons for this: one, that the cover shrunk after it was washed, and two, that the cover’s zipper wasn’t long enough.

Actually, most good quality dog beds will have covers made out of material good enough to resist shrinking when washed. Covers made out of canvas are the best in this regard, as canvas is a material that very rarely shrinks when washed and dried. However, the downside of canvas is that it isn’t as soft or comfortable as other types of materials.

The bigger problem seems to be that the zipper on the cover frequently isn’t long enough.

By not long enough, we mean that the zipper only unzips 25-50% of the cover (one or two sides of a square bed and less than half way around a round bed). This can make it very difficult to get the bedding material back inside the cover and zip it up.

If you combine this problem with a cover that shrinks when washed, the end result is a cover that can be nearly impossible to get back on once removed. Look for a cover that unzips almost all the way around and you will minimize the frustration of struggling to get a poor fitting cover back on.