Large Dog Bed Brands

Did you know there are over 600 brands of dog beds sold? Some sell only one or two models and others have dozens of different styles.

While this certainly provides a tremendous variety of choices and prices, it also leads to a lot of confusion, particularly since only a small number of brands are suitable for large dogs.

We have researched and reviewed a few of the brands that are most suitable for big dogs to save you the time of having to plow through hundreds of brands and to assist you in making a good decision.

We have also highlighted the products from each of these companies that are most suitable for large breed dogs in order to help you. Each of these products can be purchased online, often at prices lower than in retail stores, even including the shipping fees.

big barker

This is the epitome of quality and comfort for large dogs! They make the most supportive, long-lasting – and largest – orthopedic dog beds in America. They are an American company that uses only American-made materials.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Big Barker only makes beds for large dogs. In fact, they have only three sizes: Large, Extra Large and Giant. They are the only brand on Amazon that has achieved five star reviews (the highest rating possible) on every single one of their products. They are that good.

This type of quality does come at a price. However, while they carry some of the highest prices, they also have the best and longest warranty of any brand.
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kh dog beds

K&H is actually a full line pet products company. Many of their beds feature orthopedic memory foam at very reasonable prices. They are one of the few brands that also carry a full line of heated dog beds.

Their ratings are very good and they offer products and accessories not found anywhere else. We also like the fact that they work closely with MET Laboratories (a national testing and certification organization) to assure their products are safe for your dog.
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They sell a large line of memory foam dog beds, many of which are available in large sizes.

Although this is not an American company, we include them due to their large selection and the fact that virtually every one of their products receives a four or five star rating.

They have the lowest prices on memory foam dog beds, though the very low priced ones are shredded memory foam rather than a one piece slab. However, even these receive high ratings.
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k9 ballistics

K9 Ballistics is a company headquartered in Camarillo, California.

They specialize in extremely durable beds and cots for dogs that chew, although they also have a line of high quality orthopedic memory foam beds that also receive high consumer ratings.

Their prices tends to be on the higher side, but based on the durability and high ratings they are well worth the price. They even have a model guaranteed to be chew proof or they’ll replace it!
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