K9 Ballistics Brand – Extreme Durability and Chew Resistant

Although K9 Ballistics is primarily known for their chew-resistant beds and dog cots, they also have a high quality line of memory foam orthopedic beds, which are the ones you’ll want to consider for large and extra large dogs.

Their orthopedic beds are all made with 3.5 inches of medical grade high density memory foam, plus an additional 1.5 inches of medical grade comfort memory foam. The result is a high quality bed that is well suited for larger and heavier dogs.

K9 Ballistics is also one of the few manufacturers that offers a true extra-large size on many of their beds. By this, we mean a full 55″ x 35″, which are the only dimensions we consider to be extra-large. Big Barker is the only brand we know of that offers a larger bed.

We particularly like that – true to their reputation – all of the beds made by K9 Ballistics use:

  • durable rip stop ballistic fibers
  • double stitched seams for extra strength
  • And they’ve removed the zippers and replaced them with concealed, industrial strength, velcro closures on the undersides of the beds.

These features are what makes their beds very chew resistant.

If your dog is a heavy chewer and you’re looking a chew proof bed, the closest thing you’ll find is their Cujo Cot. This is the last resort for those of you who own a heavy, persistent chewer.

The Cujo Cot is a raised bed with aluminum framed edges and strong, military grade Ballistic Material. While no bed can be truly 100% chew proof, this is as close as you can get and it comes with a 120 day warranty against chewing, which no other brand offers.

K9 Ballistics also makes a full line of Fiber Fill beds which, while high quality, are not suitable for extra large dogs. Full, dense medical grade memory foam is the only bedding material we find suitable for the larger and giant breeds.

If chew resistant beds are what you’re looking for, K9 Ballistics should be your first choice. You can see their entire line here.