Dog Bed Features to Consider

While type of material should be your number one consideration, there are several other features that add to the comfort and durability of the bed you purchase for your dog.

Chew Proof
Let’s just say this right up front: no dog bed is absolutely chew proof. In fact, did you know that dogs have been known to chew through wood, bricks, kevlar, and even chain link fences? If your large dog wants to bad enough, he’s able to chew through most chewing pix for features page

If your dog is a chewer, what you want to look for is a bed containing double stitched seams, rounded corners, tough material such as military grade ballistic nylon, and strong metal zippers.

The only dog beds we know of that are truly “chew proof” are ones from K9 B allistics and they back it up with a chew proof guarantee.

Cooling Beds
If you have a dog that frequently likes to lie stretched out on a cool tile, stone or wood floor, a cooling bed may be just what you’re looking for. Certain long hair breeds have a tendency to overheat easily and a cooling bed can be particularly helpful.Cooling Style Dog Bed

Raised beds are one of the most common types of cooling bed. They provide cooling by the air that flows under the bed due to its elevation. Additional cooling can be provided by positioning a fan to blow under the bed.

A second common type of cooling bed is filled with either water or gel and lies on the floor. This may be the only choice for extra large and giant dogs, as raised beds very rarely are big enough for the larger breeds.

Heated Beds
Larger and older dogs that suffer from arthritis and joint pain can find soothing relief from a heated dog bed. Heat also relaxes muscles, ligaments and joints, providing additional relief.

In addition, heat increases circulation and increased circulation promotes healing  A heated bed can help sooth minor injuries suffered from a day full of activity.

There are several types of heated dog beds. Some use your dog’s natural body heat by using a simple reflective surface. Others use microwavable packs that can be heated and placed into a special cover. The more expensive ones use a built in electric heating pad to provide low-level heat, which means you can turn it off in warmer weather or when heat isn’t needed. Just be certain it has a chew-resistant cord.

A disadvantage of heated dog beds is that most of them only come in sizes up to ‘large’.¬† You’ll find it difficult, if not impossible, to find ones for extra large or giant dogs.

Removable Cover
Many lower priced dog beds are completely sealed – they do not have a cover that can be removed for washing.

You should always looks for beds that have removable and washable covers. Otherwise, you may find that the outside surface of the bed gets so dirty and embedded with odors that you have to replace the bed, even though the inside supporting material is in good shape.

If the inside of the cover is water resistant, that’s even better. Also look for color fastness and a zipper that can withstand multiple washings.