The Essential Large Breed Dog Bed Guide

Before you can actually choose the best bed for your big dog, you need to learn about several things in order to make an educated decision, particularly since large dogs have special needs.

We’ve written this buying guide with one idea in mind: to provide you with the right information in a single location.

Many people today do online research on products before buying them and this process is even more important with beds than it is with many other dog products. Please browse our topics below to get started.

measuring tape

Just like human beds, dog beds come in different sizes. But rather than “twin”, “full”, “queen” and “king”, dog beds typically come in “small”, “medium”, “large”, “extra large” and sometimes even “giant”. It’s important with large breed dogs to select the right size for their particular weight and dimensions and here is where we’ll explain how. Read More»

bedding materials

There are many different types of bedding materials and their suitability – or lack of suitability – is closely related to a dog’s size and weight. Large dogs require material that will hold up under their weight without flattening out. Learn the best materials for comfort, pain relief and durability.Read More»

Large Dog Bed Buying Guide

Dog beds are no longer simply large, square pads. There are circular beds, rectangular beds, donut shaped beds, raised beds, and many others. Different dogs like to sleep in different positions and this will have a large influence on what type of bed to purchase.Read More»

features to look for

Many common consumer complaints about dog beds relate in one way or another to selecting the wrong features for that particular dog.

Learn the best features to select based on the characteristics of your large pet and how to select a bed you will both be happy with!
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orthopedic dog bed

For dogs, especially large breeds, with joint and bone problems, an orthopedic dog bed can provide great relief.

If your dog has any sort of allergy problems, hypoallergenic beds are the best choice. Learn about how to choose the best bed to suite these two needs.
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