Consumer Concerns for Large Dog Beds

With any product being sold, there are lots of concerns and problems that consumers have had and dog beds are no different.

The secret to avoiding these problems is to learn from the experience of others before you buy instead of after you’ve experienced the problem!

This is especially true of large sized dog beds due to the additional wear they receive. The sheer size and weight of our large canine friends tends to bring out problems that might not exist with a smaller dog.

We’ve created several pages that will highlight the main problems others have had so you can figure out how to select the bed that will work best for your dog’s needs.

flarttened mattress

Probably the single biggest complaint about dog beds is they get flat, especially in the middle, which makes it very uncomfortable. This is particularly important for large breed dogs, as they have more joint problems and need extra support. Read More»

Dog Bed Consumer Concerns

Many reviews list zippers that break as a complaint. In the worst case scenario, if the bed has a loose filling material it can end up all over the floor or even in your pet’s stomach. Make sure that your bed has a durable zipper and a guarantee against it breaking.Read More»

washing machine

Water resistant covers are designed to protect the integrity of the filler inside. They help as a first barrier of defense against moisture. Moisture from a wet dog, puppy and older dog accidents, as well as humid conditions lead to many complaints about the lack of water resistance.Read More»

dog too big for bed

For large and giant breed dogs the size of the bed is of critical importance. Manufacturers are not at all consistent in their definition of “large” and “extra large” and beds that are two small are high on the list of consumer complaints.Read More»

poor fitting cover

Many dog beds have removable covers. They protect the filler and are important from the standpoint of comfort for your dog. Unfortunately, many manufacturers cut corners when it comes to providing a quality cover.  This is one source of frequent complaints about even expensive dog beds. Read More»


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