Broken Zippers – A Common Complaint

If you buy a dog bed with a removable cover, that cover will almost always open and close with a zipper. For such a small part of the overall construction of a bed, zippers receive a disproportionate amount of complaints.

Basically, you’ll find two type of zippers on bed covers: metal zippers and plastic zippers.

Metal zippers are usually made out of brass and, as you might suspect, are far more durable than plastic zippers. In fact, plastic zippers are the source of almost all zipper complaints.Broken dog bed zipper

Complaints about plastic zippers fall into four main categories:

  • Complaints that the zipper fell apart after one or two washings. This is probably the number one complaint about zippers. It’s a big one because the whole point of having a removable cover is so that it can be washed. If the zipper doesn’t last more than a couple of washings, the entire cover then must be replaced.
  • Complaints that the zipper won’t close again properly after the cover is taken off. If the cover is a tight fitting one, a plastic zipper can have a tendency to jam when trying to close a tight gap.
  • Complaints that the zipper ripped off when putting the cover back on. Plastic zippers frequently are attached with plastic strips, which can more easily rip off under pressure.
  • Zipper teeth that break off. Worse yet, the jagged broken edges can shred the bedding material inside. Again, this is most common for plastic zippers.

The lesson to be learned from these common complaints, of course, is to buy a dog bed that has a cover with a zipper made out of metal. This will avoid almost all problems with the zipper.

However, you’ll find that many dog beds don’t specify whether the zipper is metal or plastic, so you have no way of knowing.

A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive and the higher quality the bed, the greater the likelihood that the zipper will be made out of metal, but it’s still a gamble.

The bottom line is to always look at the detailed specifications of any bed you buy for an indication of the type of zipper. If it specifically says the zipper is made of metal, chances are the overall quality of the bed is also high.