K&H Pet Beds – Memory Foam Support at Reasonable Prices

K&H Manufacturing is an American company, located in Colorado Springs, CO. While they offer a large line of all types of dog products, their specialty is beds.

K&H offers many types of specialty beds, including:

  • Orthopedic beds with medical grade memory foam
  • Cooling beds
  • Heated beds
  • Sofa-style beds
  • Indoor/Outdoor beds

For you large dog owners, the orthopedic memory beds will be of most interest. We give their memory foam a medium to high rating and the overall good reviews reflect this. They also make beds with poly fill as the bedding material, but as with all brands, we do not recommend these for large dogs.

For those of you who have dogs with sore and stiff joints due to age or arthritis, the heating pads and beds from K&H are great for providing soothing heat to help relieve soreness and pain. They are one of the very few brands with a complete line of several styles of heating pads and heated beds.

You’ll also appreciate their large selection of car seat and cargo area covers, which they make in sizes to fit even the largest cars and SUVs. These are a must for keeping you car interior clean, especially with the long hair breeds.

One potential downside is that their largest size is “Large”, so they would not be a good choice for dogs weighing over 100 pounds.

Here are some of K&H products we recommend:

Product Summary: A deluxe version of our popular K&H Ortho Bolster Sleeper. Made with soft, velvety, printed micro suede. The sleeping surface is covered with ultra soft quilted fleece on top of 3-inch of orthopedic foam. Adding the ever popular bolster makes this bed a no-brainer. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors.
Product Summary: Soothing Heat and Orthopedic Support.The Orthopedic Heated Pet Bed has Dual thermostats to regulate the temperature of the heater buried deep within 2 layers of plush super soft orthopedic foam. The heater keeps the surface of the plush fauXlambskin cover at a warm and cozy 102. Features include a removable heater which makes this bed a year round pet bed.The cover is removable for washing. This heated dog bed is recommended for indoor use only. Operates on normal household current. Cover is completely washable. This heated pet bed does not get hot to the touch. Its specifically designed to gently warm when your pet lies on it, the warmth gradually radiates through the surface of the bed.