K9 Ballistics Brand – Extreme Durability and Chew Resistant

Although K9 Ballistics is primarily known for their chew-resistant beds and dog cots, they also have a high quality line of memory foam orthopedic beds, which are the ones you’ll want to consider for large and extra large dogs.

Their orthopedic beds are all made with 3.5 inches of medical grade high density memory foam, plus an additional 1.5 inches of medical grade comfort memory foam. The result is a high quality bed that is well suited for larger and heavier dogs.

K9 Ballistics is also one of the few manufacturers that offers a true extra-large size on many of their beds. By this, we mean a full 55″ x 35″, which are the only dimensions we consider to be extra-large. Big Barker is the only brand we know of that offers a larger bed.

We particularly like that – true to their reputation – all of the beds made by K9 Ballistics use:

  • durable rip stop ballistic fibers
  • double stitched seams for extra strength
  • And they’ve removed the zippers and replaced them with concealed, industrial strength, velcro closures on the undersides of the beds.

These features are what makes their beds very chew resistant.

If your dog is a heavy chewer and you’re looking a chew proof bed, the closest thing you’ll find is their Cujo Cot. This is the last resort for those of you who own a heavy, persistent chewer.

The Cujo Cot is a raised bed with aluminum framed edges and strong, military grade Ballistic Material. While no bed can be truly 100% chew proof, this is as close as you can get and it comes with a 120 day warranty against chewing, which no other brand offers.

K9 Ballistics also makes a full line of Fiber Fill beds which, while high quality, are not suitable for extra large dogs. Full, dense medical grade memory foam is the only bedding material we find suitable for the larger and giant breeds.

If chew resistant beds are what you’re looking for, here are some favorites from K9 Ballistics:

Product Summary: All the strength of the Original Tuff Bed with a greater amount of comfort. When it comes to the health of a dog's bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the memory foam bed. The value of a "true" memory foam dog bed lies in how effectively the foam supports your dog's body. It is easy for any company to claim that they make a memory foam dog mattress provided that they use foam, but cheap foam can be less supportive than cheap fill. Our Orthopedic beds use a solid 5" thick of foam, the bottom 3.5" thick layer is a supportive high density foam and the top layer is a 1.5" thick high density medical grade memory foam. This provides support and comfort; it minimizes pressure points on bones and joints for a better quality sleep. Less pressure points means better blood circulation which benefits the whole body. A good night sleep is just as important for your dog as it is for you! Great for all dogs, a must have for older dogs. Memory foam beds may cost a little more upfront but can be a great preventative measure to problems like hip dysplasia and other medical conditions later in your pets life. It's never too soon to be proactive in the overall good health of your dog. The bed includes our proprietary blend of double woven ballistic nylon so that your dog has both comfort and durability.
Product Summary: This bed combines the durability and ease of maintenance of a TUFF Bedª with the comfort and restfulness of a Bolstered Dog Bed. A 5" Orthopedic Mattress ensures your dog has a new favorite place in the house! Ripstop Ballistic Materialª helps make our beds chew proof by resisting puppy chops with ultra thick poly fibers and Ripstopª technology. The number of corners on this bed make it less than ideal for moderate or aggressive chewers, but just right for light chewers and diggers. We rate this bed 1 on the Chew Proof Scale and guarantee the cover for 90 days against chewing, scratching, and other destructive behaviors. Go ahead and give your dog his own little slice of heaven to sleep on! *Chew Proof Rating of 1: Light Chewers & Scratchers. Tough. Resists 85% of chewing dogs and good for 93% of all dogs. These beds offer all the benefits of TUFF Flex Ballistic material including machine washing, double stitched seams, and reinforced corners. The bolsters present weak points exploited by dedicated bed destroyers. Backed by the 90 Day Chew Proof Guarantee.
Product Summary: This dog bed is a last resort for owners of "persistent chewers". If your dog chews through wood, brick, and its own beds, than the Cujo Cot is for your dog. Excessive chewing behavior can be frustrating and expensive for pet owners, and we responded with theÊtoughest possibleÊdog bed. Aluminum framed edges keep puppy chops from piercing the already strong Ballistic Material. The fabric also resists scratching, hair, and moisture making the bed easy to clean. Simply hit it with a water hose to wash away dirt and grime. The raised bed also improves air circulation, making the Cujo Cot a great outdoor and Summer bed. It will also keep your pets dry in case of moisture on the ground! Comfort is sacrificed for durability with this bed, but it isÊbullet-proof. If you've reached the end of the line and don't know what else to do, this bed can help.